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The Echo Society V: Spirit Into Matter

The Echo Society hosted their fifth event, aptly titled "V," at the iconic Theatre at Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 31, 2016. Drawing an impressive crowd of 1,600 attendees, this performance marked the organization's largest to date.

Rooted in its identity as a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, the Echo Society continued its commitment to artistic collaboration and innovation for "V." The event involved a diverse assembly of:

  • Over 40 musicians

  • A 16-piece choir

  • Multiple visual and lighting designers

  • A dedicated sound engineering team

  • Film and photography crews

  • A multitude of unsung heroes behind the scenes within the Echo team

For this singular evening, 11 composers undertook the task of crafting entirely new works, seamlessly blending orchestral and electronic elements specifically tailored for the ensemble they meticulously curated. Each composition was intricately choreographed to synchronize with dynamic lighting, resulting in a captivating 90-minute live performance that underscored the Echo Society's dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.


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